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Turf testing in accordance with ASTM method

05 May 2015 Comments

평택 미군기지 공사 관련  UFGS (Unified Facilities Guide Specifications )규격에 따른 인조잔디 시험방법 안내

아래 각 시험항목은 UFGS (Unified Facilities Guide Specifications )의 일부 입니다.

FTIR Scan (Infrared scan)

ASTM D 1907: Standard Test Method for Linear Density of Yarn by the Skein Method (Denier)

ASTM D 1335; Tuft Bind

ASTM D 2256; Tensile Properties by Single-Strand Method (Breaking Strength & Elongation)

ASTM D 2261: Tearing Strength of Fabrics by the Tongue (Single Rip) Procedure Using CRE Tensile Tester

ASTM D 2859; Ignition Characteristics with infill (Pill Burn)

DIN 18-035 Part 6; Water Permeability

ASTM D 5034; Breaking Strength and Elongation (Grab Test)

ASTM D 5793: Standard Test Method for Binding Sites Per Unit Length or Width of Pile Yarn Floor Coverings (Stitch & Gauge)

ASTM D 5823; Tuft Height

ASTM D 5848; Mass per unit Area (Total, Pile, Secondary & Primary Weight)

ASTM E 648; Critical Radiant Flux of Floor Covering Systems Using a Radiant Heat
Energy Source (Turf with infill)

ASTM E 794 Melt & Crystallization Temperatures by Thermal Analysis

ASTM F 355: Standard Test Methods for Shock-Absorbing Properties of Playing Surface  Systems and Materials ( Procedure A) (with infill)

ASTM F 2765 Standard Specification for Total Lead Content in Synthetic Turf Fibers

ASTM F 1015: Standard Test Method for Relative Abrasiveness of Synthetic Turf
Playing Surfaces (with infill)


시험시료의 내용은 다음과 같습니다.

  1. 4’ Feet Length X 15’ Feet Width Turf Roll
  2. 1 Cone of Each Yarn Used in Production of Turf


[infill & rubber chip]

Infill 1