러시아언어로 Государственный(국가, 주(state),)와 стандарт(표준)이란 뜻의 영어식 표현인 Gosudarstvenny의 앞 세글자(Gos-)와 표준, 규격을 뜻하는 Standart를 합쳐서( Gos udarstvenny +Standart) 국가규격이란 의미인Gosstandart가 설립되어졌고 이 기관에서 관리하는 각 규격 인증을 GOST또는GOST-R로 표기하고 있습니다.

따라서 이 기관은 러시아의 연방 각 주 간에 관한 표준규격( Russian Interstate Standards )인 GOST 와 러시아 연방의 주 내의 표준규격( State Standards of the Russian Federation )인 GOST R 의 인증을 관장합니다.

러시아 국가규격기관은 GOSSTANDART 설립하여 정부표준 등에 관한 규격을 제정, 수정, 공표 및 보급의 업무를 수행케 하고 있고 현재525,000 여 종류의 각 규격은 CIS국가(Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan)를 포함하여 세계 주요수출 국가 등에서 적용되고 있습니다.

러시아연방 국가규격 기관이 각 지역규격 기관으로 나눠지게 되었고 이러한 지역규격을 관리하는 업무가 EASC(Euro-Asian Council for Standardization, Metrology and Certification )에 속하게 되었습니다.

따라서 GOST는 지역별로 구분되는 CIS국가 중에 러시아연방 주의 규격인증은 GOST-R로, 카자흐스탄 주의 규격인증은GOST-K 그리고 우즈베키스탄 주의 규격인증은 GOST-U 등으로 불려집니다.

- List-of-gost-standart.pdf  [ 러시아 규격 약 3만여개의 규격목록은 메일로 요청 바랍니다.]

GOST-R Certificate

Quality Management system certification for compliance with GOST-R
Product certification of compliance with GOST-R
Certification for compliance with TR (Technical regalements)
Certification for compliance with state registration
Certification for compliance with Custom Union(Russia, Belarus, Kazkhstan)
Russian Design Approval-RDI(Russian Design Institute)
Gosstroy Certificate of Conformity
Technical Certificate of conformity
Technical Certificate of Gosstroy of Russia
Letter of refusal –exemption letter
Fire Safety Certificate
Ukrainian UKRSEPRO Certificates
GOST-K – Certificate for Kazakhstan
TR Declaration of Conformity
Russian State Registration
Pattern Approval
Custom Union Technical Regulation
Uzbekistan Product Certificate
Uzstandard Product Conformity Certificate

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Understanding GOST – R

GOST 인증서는 러시아 자국의 언어만 사용하여 작성, 발급되며 따라서GOST 인증취득을 위해 러시아 인증기관에 제출하는 서류 중에 러시아 연방정부에 제출하는 제품정보 및 기술문서는 필수적으로 러시아언어로 번역CIS 국가 번역 바로가기 되어 제출 되어야 합니다.

Layout of GOST-R Certificate

List of Products for Mandatory GOST-R

1) List of Mandatory

Amendments to the Uniform list of products for which mandatory requirements established in the Customs Union.

In accordance with Article 3 of the Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Commission of 18 November 2011, the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission decided to apply the changes in accordance with following:

List of products subject to mandatory conformity compliance:

GOST 강제인증 목록 대상 품목

The list of products subject to mandatory conformity
0110 Electricity
0130 Water, ice, cold
0251 Petroleum products light. Alternative Fuels
0253 Lubricating oils (petroleum), page 1
0253 Lubricating oils (petroleum), page 2
0254 Grease and suspensions for application of solid lubricant coatings
0255 Solid hydrocarbons (oil and shale)
0271 natural gas and fuel supplied to the gas mains, artificial gas, gas condensate, helium
0272 Gas oil and pyrolysis gas refinery products
0320 Coal and coal by-products
0963-rolled stainless steel (including refractory)
0964-rolled stainless nickel
1250 Steel ropes
1261 Articles of precision alloys
1410 Cylinders
1415 Barrels, drums, metal
1417 boxes, baskets, cans, aerosol cans, metal tubes
1456 Saws for wood
1481 enameled steel cookware economic
1482 Stainless Steel Cookware
1483 Eating utensils and kitchen accessories stainless steel
1600 Fasteners engineering application
1811 Rental commercial aluminum
1991 Tableware and products from non-ferrous alloys
1996 stamped aluminum cookware
2152 The salts of hydrochloric acid
2180 Mineral
2182 Phosphate Fertilizer (phosphate)
2248 Pipes and pipelines of thermoplastics
2265 Film materials
2291 Articles of thermoplastics
2296 Glass-
2297 Containers made of polymeric materials
2321 dry white pigments
2322 Colored Pigments
2331 Proceedings of art
2372 Film
2380 Household chemistry
2381 Detergents
2386 Means against domestic insects, rodents, disinfection and antisepsis
2387 Plant protection of gardens from pests and weeds and fertilizers
2388 Paints and varnishes
2431 Organic acids monobasic and polybasic
2440 Plant protection chemicals (pesticides)
2514 Articles of latex and adhesives
2521 Car tires, bus, agricultural machines, motorcycles and scooters
2526 bicycle tires, velopokryshki, inner tube and veloizdeliya
2530 Products molded rubber technology
2537 medical products, hygiene and health products Formed
2539 products and molded parts
2545 medical products, hygiene and health products unmolded
2553 pressure hoses, rubber-fabric (interlining)
2554 braided hoses
2557 Oil-resistant hoses, oil and drilling
2561 Conveyor (Conveyor)
2567 Articles of rubberized fabric
2568 Means of industrial protection
2571 Friction Products
2577 Gasket and articles thereof
2590 Rubber footwear
2596 Sport footwear
3111 Turbines
3112 Boilers
3113 Piping, equipment, auxiliary power
3120 Diesel engines and diesel generators
3131 agglomeration equipment (machinery agglomeration of raw materials)
3140 Mining equipment
3141 Equipment for stripping and cleaning work and support of mine workings
3142 Equipment for underground development
3143 Equipment stem rises and mine transport
3145 Equipment for drilling and wells, equipment for charging and stemming of blast holes
3146 Equipment for lighting, ventilation and dust control
3148 Miscellaneous equipment
3151 cranes, electric utility
3155 gantries and electric semigantry
3161 Fixed belt conveyors (including retractable), scraper, team leader and other
3174 Electric Wire Rope Hoists
3310 Electrical machines of low power
3311 Low-power electric automation and mechanization
3322 AC asynchronous motors with power from 0.25 to 100 kW with shaft heights 63 to 315 mm
3375 Mobile power stations
3378 Power Generating sets
3411 Power transformers (single-phase power more than 4 kVA, three-phase power 6.3 kVA and above)
3412 Complete transformer substations
3413 low-power transformers (single phase output of 4 kW or less A, three-phase power 5 kVA or less)
3414 high-voltage electrical equipment
3424 Apparatus for the distribution of electricity (except for circuit breakers)
3425 Relay Control and Protection
3426 Electromagnetic contactors
3427 Starters electromagnetic
3428 Electrical apparatus for electrotechnical installations (except for contactors and starters, relays, control and protection)
3428 Electrical apparatus for electrotechnical installations (except for contactors and starters, relays, control and protection)
3430 Complete devices and installations for voltages up to 1000 V
3431 Complete control of electric devices for voltage up to 1000 V (single product)
3434 Complete devices for power distribution of general application
3435 Complete devices for the management and protection of various specialized
3441 Electric welding equipment
3442 electrothermal equipment, industrial
3443 electrothermal equipment etc.
3448 special technological equipment for the production of electric lamps
3453 Electric transport manufacturing floor, trackless, electric appliances and accessories to it
3461 Lighting equipment
3464 Wiring
3466 bulbs
3467 discharge lamps
3468 Household and Consumer use and household electrical appliances
3520 Power cables for fixed wiring for voltage up to 1 kV
3540 cables for portable installations
3550 wires and power cords
3558 Insulating heating
3610 Chemical equipment, oil and gas refining and spare parts to it
3620 Equipment for the processing of polymeric materials and spare parts to it
3630 Pumping equipment (pumps, pumping units and installations)
3640 Cryogenic equipment, compressors, refrigeration, oxyacetylene, gas cleaning, vacuum pumps
3643 Compressors air and gas
3644 Refrigerating cooling capacity of more than 2.5 million standard kcal / h
3645 Machinery and apparatus for flame treatment of metals and metallization products
3646 Equipment gas-scrubbing and dust-collecting
3647 Complete production lines, installations and units
3651 Equipment for pulp and spare parts to it
3652 paper-making equipment and spare parts to it
3660 Oilfield and drilling and geological survey equipment and spare parts to it
3670 Manufacturing equipment and apparatus for applying coatings to engineering products
3680 oil and gas refining equipment special
3693 Other Equipment for liquid ammonia
3695 Tanks and cylinders for liquefied gas valves to cylinders for liquefied petroleum gas, metal silos, bellows
3696 industrial gas consuming equipment
3697 different products
3700 Industrial valves
3810 Machine-tools
3820 Machine forging (without cars with manual and pedal-operated)
3830 Woodworking equipment
3840 Manufacturing equipment for the foundry industry
3883 modules are flexible manufacturing various technological purposes
3922 Circular saws
3926 Bench and mounting tool
3971 Tools of natural diamonds
3972 Tools of synthetic diamonds
3977 Symbol synthetic superhard materials based on boron nitride (CBN tools)
3980 Abrasive tool, abrasive materials
4012 Networks, systems and digital computing complexes
4013 digital computing machines
4017 Complexes and computing electromechanical and mechanical
4020 Devices central computer networks, systems, complexes and electronic machines Digital
4030 Periphery of computer systems and electronic machines Digital
4040 Devices interconnection of networks, systems, complexes and electronic computing machines
4140 Hydraulic and hydro
4151 actuators and pneumatics
4228 Electronic electricity meters
4262 means copying and reproduction of operational
4274 Weighing Devices
4276 Non-destructive quality control of materials and products
4372 Instruments and apparatus for burglar alarms
4511 Trucks
4514 Cars (vehicles for the transport of passengers and having in addition the driver’s seat no more than 8 seats)
4517 Buses
4521 Vans and specialized tankers
4522 Road trains, trolleys, straddle carriers, bus chassis, buggy, go-karts and snowmobiles
4525 Trailers for passenger cars and trucks, tractor trailers, tanks on trailers and semi-trailers, cars, houses, trailers with specialized bodies and special heavy trailers and semi-trailers
4527 Fork
4528 Motorcycles and Scooters
4529 Bicycles, motorbikes, mopeds, trailers for motorcycles and bikes
4530 units, components and parts for specialized trucks, lift trucks and LCVs special
4540 units, components and details of automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles and electric vehicles
4550 units, components and parts of buses and trolleybuses
4560 automobile and motorcycle engines, their parts and accessories
4571 Equipment fuel vehicles, tractors, agricultural vehicles and motorcycles
4573 Electrical equipment and devices in automobiles, tractors, agricultural vehicles and motorcycles. The electronic equipment of motor vehicles
4577 Garage equipment for motor vehicles and trailers
4581 units, components and parts trailers and semi-trailers
4591 Standardized components and parts used in the automotive industry
4722 Farm tractors utility
4724 Farm tractors versatile row-crop
4725 special tractors (vineyard, horticultural, sugar beet, cotton-growing, reclamation, seed and self-propelled chassis)
4726 Tractors for timber industry (including skidders, feller bunchers, forestry and lesosplavnye)
4727 Industrial Tractor
4734 Machines for plant care
4735 Machines for harvesting and primary processing of grains, cereals, legumes and oilseeds
4736 Machines for harvesting and primary processing of potatoes, vegetables, fruits, berries and industrial crops
4737 Tools, equipment and means of mechanization of Horticultural and forestry applications
4739 Machinery and equipment for loading and unloading, transportation, ancillary equipment and
4741 Machines for livestock
4744 Machines for harvesting and preparation of feed
4749 Machinery and equipment for loading and unloading, transportation, ancillary equipment and
4811 bucket excavators with bucket capacity from 0.25 up to 2.5 cubic meters and a bucket
4812 Bulldozer (including with rippers)
Scrapers 4813
4814 Machinery preparatory planning
4821 Machines for the transportation of construction materials
4822 Machinery for construction and maintenance of roads and airfields
4823 Snow Blowers
4824 Road rollers and sealing machine
4826 Machinery for making mixes
4831 Crane-boring machine
4832 drilling equipment, pole-ramming
4833 Construction and finishing machines, tool construction and installation manual and mechanized
4835 Conveying Equipment Construction
Lifts 4836
4837 Aerial work platforms with
4843 Mills
4844 Equipment crushing and grinding and screening
4851 Technological equipment for logging, timber rafting and lesobirzh and spare parts to it
4853 Machinery for municipal services
4855 industrial-type laundry equipment and spare parts to it
4856 Equipment for cleaning or dyeing apparel and household goods and spare parts to it
4858 household equipment gas
4859 Machinery and equipment for utilities other
4861 Fans of general purpose
4862 Industrial air conditioners general-purpose
4863 air-conditioning equipment
4864 Air heaters and air coolers
4931 Boilers
4933 Water heaters
5112 Manufacturing equipment and spare parts for the textile industry
5113 dyeing and finishing equipment and spare parts to it
5114 Manufacturing equipment and spare parts for the knitting industry and for the production of nonwovens
5115 Manufacturing equipment and spare parts for the garment industry
5131 Manufacturing equipment and spare parts for the food industry
5132 Manufacturing equipment and spare parts to it for the meat and dairy industry
5133 Manufacturing equipment and spare parts for the mining and processing of fish
5138 Manufacturing equipment and spare parts to it for the food, dairy and meat and fish industry of general purpose
5141 Technological equipment for ELEVATORNAYA-warehousing
5142 Technological equipment for flour mills
5143 Technological equipment for the milling industry
5144 Manufacturing equipment for the animal feed industry
5150 Technological equipment for trade, catering and food, refrigeration and spare parts to it, appliances
5151 Manufacturing equipment and spare parts to it for trade, catering and food
5155 Household electric heating devices
5156 Machines and appliances household with an electric motor and working on the basis of physical effects
5157 Products of cultural and community purpose and household goods
5361 Joiner
5445 Cardboard filter
5463 Paper and paper products
5530 Plates
5610 Household furniture
5620 Special furniture
5772 Materials and other polymer products
5913 Glass Architectural destination
5923 Special Glass
5970 Tableware varietal
5990 made of porcelain, earthenware, majolica and semiporcelain (except medical, sanitary ware and chemical glassware)
6581 Television
6582 radio receiving devices
6583 Tape and tape-top boxes
6584 video recording and playback equipment, household
6585 Electrophone and turntables
6587 bass amplifier autonomous
6589 nodes, elements and accessories of household electronic equipment
6652 equipment operational, dispatcher and speakerphone
6654 devices and telephone subscriber units
6810 Means navigation of aircraft, helicopters and vessels
6968 Products of radiation-protective equipment
7181 Sporting weapons fire with a long-barreled rifle barrel (rifle), its main parts and weapons produced for export in accordance with the technical specifications that meet the requirements of importing countries
7182 Sporting weapons fire with a short-barreled rifle barrel (pistols, revolvers) and its main parts
7183 Sporting weapons fire smooth (guns) and its main parts, cold bladed weapon, throwing
7184 Sporting weapons and other hunting, self-defense, service, signal, cold bladed hunting etc.
7185 weapon hunting firearms with a rifled barrel shotguns and rifles combined (rifles and shotguns), and its main parts
7186 Hunting guns fire smooth a single-(rifles and shotguns), and its main parts, pneumatic weapon
7187 Hunting guns fire a double-barreled shotguns (guns) and its main parts
7188 Tools gunshot production and products, structurally similar to arms
7272 Cartridges for civil and service weapons, to the means of production firearms and ammunition produced for export in accordance with the technical specifications that meet the requirements of importing countries
7275 Tools pyrotechnic
7399 Equipment and materials specialist
7440 Sport boats, hiking and walking, boats and other watercraft
7448 Life and work boats, rafts, boats, personal watercraft rescue
8195 Cotton and cotton products (from cotton, wool and chemical fiber)
8310 Textile and finished cotton piece goods
8311 finished cotton fabrics, including a cotton cloth, calico, satin, lining, pile, harsh, tare, investment and gauze groups, flap dimensional fabrics of cotton
8358 woolen blankets, including blankets (woolen fabric BLANKET)
8420 top Products (knitwear)
8430 hosiery
8440 Products knitted glove (gloves, mittens)
8450 Products garter-sharfovye and hats
8461 Medical products of cotton yarn
8500 Sewing
8510 Top clothes
8530 products for dresses
8540 Articles linen and blankets
8570 products for work and special-purpose
8572 Costumes workers and special-purpose
8575 Overalls for workers and special-purpose
8577 Skirts, gowns, blouses, skirts, vests, dresses and shirts for work and special purpose
8578 Mittens, gloves and other working tools and special purpose
8786 Belts
8800 Footwear
8920 Clothing, fur and sheepskin upper Shubnaya
8930 Fur Hats
8940 collars, fur plate, hide, fur women’s hats
9193 Production of tobacco industry
Vaccines 9383, toxins and toxoids used in medicine
9391 Dental materials
9392 Tools disinfection, pest and exterminating
9393 Proceedings of surgical dressings special funds
9396 Products prosthetic
9398 Materials and other medical facilities
9431 Tools mechanized
9432 Tools stabbing
9433 Cutting Tools and drums with a sharp (cutting) edge
9434 Tools brushing aside
9435 Tools multisurface impact (clamping)
9436 Tools probing, buzhiruyuschie
9437 Medical kits
9438 Products trauma
9439 Tools for veterinary support tools, accessories and supplies different
9441 Instruments for measuring functional diagnostics
9442 Instruments and apparatus for diagnosis (excluding meters). Glasses
9444 Instruments and apparatus for treatment, anesthetic. Devices to replace the function of organs and body systems
9450 Medical Equipment
9461 Tara medical glass
Items 9464 to care for the sick and different products
9480 lenses for vision correction
9620 Musical instruments
9630 Year tree decorations
9638 Year tree decorations glass
9639 Other toys (musical, optical, and other sets of experiments)
9677 Products bristle-brush
9682 Theatrical Lighting equipment
9685 Rides and spare parts
9691 Accessories for sport hunting, sport fishing
9692 Objects of small leather goods. Baby carriages. Badges. Supplies office and school-writing, for home maintenance of fish, birds and animals

기타 세부사항은 상담 바랍니다.

2) Price List for GOST-R Certificate

GOST 인증서는 인증대상 품목별 해당되는 HS Code에 따라 분류됩니다. 인증서의 비용에 가장 영향을 미치는 요소는 인증서의 종류(인증의 종류에 따라 문서검토, 시험, 생산공장 평가 등이 결정됩니다.)이며 또한 수반되는 문서작업에 따라 비용의 증감이 있을 수 있습니다. 또한 인증서의 유효기간도 비용에 적지 않은 영향을 미칩니다. 따라서 HS Code(최소 6자리까지 규정하여야 함)를 정하고 유효기간만 결정하면 품목의 용도 등을 고려하여 대부분의 비용은 산출됩니다.

GOST Certificate Investigation

모든 인증기관은 자신의 기관이 인증서를 발급할 수 있는 대상 및 범위를 정부기관 및 인정기관 등으로 부터 부여 받습니다.

GOST-TR 및 CU-TR 인증서는 발급과 동시에 정부기관에 등록되기에 발급된 GOST-TR 및 CU-TR 인증서는 관련규정에 따라 이를 조회 할 수 있습니다.

인증서 조회 의뢰 : 메일 상담