Perfumes and cosmetics-GOST-Uz

 향수 및 화장품(GOST-Uz,우즈베키스탄 제품인증) Perfumes and cosmetics
Name  products     HS Code
Essential oils, cosmetic oils 3301
Odorous substances are used as industrial raw materials 3302 **
Perfumery means liquid 3303 **
Cosmetic make-up, skin-care products 3304
Hair products 3305
Hygiene of oral cavity, teeth 3306
Funds used before / during or after shaving, personal deodorants, facilities for bathing, depilatories 3307
Soap (liquid, solid, granular, pasty)Paverhnostno-active substances and means 3401 **
Organic surface-active agents and cleaning detergents 3402 **
Cleaning and polishing shoesCleaning and maintenance tools for vehicle -poliruyuschie

Detergents for floor polishes, cleaners

3405 **
Glycerin, distilled glycerin, cosmetic 1520, 3304
Disinfectants 380894
Hygienic products 481810-481840