National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine

NAA of Ukraine Law & Legislation Law & Decree – Certification


1. Product Certification Body

HS code별 인증범위가 부여되며 품목별 인증서의 종류가 나눠집니다. 제품인증기관은 품목군별로 인정을 받으며 인정유효기간이 설정되어 있습니다.

2. Test Laboratory

제품 규격별 시험범위가 부여되며 규격별 성적서가 발행됩니다. 규격별 시험으로 분류 되어 있기에 각 다른 종류의 제품이라 할지라도 같은 규격을 적용하여 시험을 수행하고 성적서를 발행할 수 있습니다.  시험기관은 장비, 시험절차, 기술인원 만큼 중요한 것으로써  Accreditation Certificat가 있습니다.  

3. Inspection Body

제품품목별 업무범위가 나눠지며 분야별 자격을 갖춘 검사요원이 절차에 따라 검증업무를 수행하고  성적서를 발행합니다.

4. Management System Certification Body

업종별 인증범위가 부여되며 경영시스템 모델 및 구축된 절차에 따라 조직의 적합성을 평가하고 인증서를 발행합니다.

At present, a priority of the Government is to bring the Ukrainian system of technical regulation in accordance with the requirements of the World Trade Organization and the European Union. Implementation of this task is extremely important for our country, that May 16, 2008 Ukraine joined the World Trade Organization and is currently negotiating to create a free trade zone with the countries of the European Union.

A key element of the reform of technical regulation is to bring the system of accreditation in Ukraine with the requirements of the European Association for Accreditation and signing of the recognition by the National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine and the European Association for Accreditation.

In 2001 the Law of Ukraine “On accreditation of conformity assessment bodies,” which defined the legal, organizational and economic principles of accreditation of conformity assessment in Ukraine.

In accordance with this law in 2002, the Ministry of Economy established National Accreditation Agency of Ukraine. In addition, it created the Council on Accreditation, Technical Committee on Accreditation and the Commission on appeal.

The main functions of the National Accreditation Agency of accreditation of conformity assessment bodies and the monitoring of compliance with the requirements of accredited bodies Accreditation.

National Accreditation Agency currently meets the requirements for independence, impartiality and no conflict of interest.

It is guaranteed, in particular, the fact that according to the Law of Ukraine “On accreditation of conformity assessment bodies” Ministry of Economy, which created the National Accreditation Agency has no right to interfere in the activities of the national accreditation body for accreditation. In addition, the Ministry of Economy has in its subordination of conformity assessment bodies. The Ministry of Economy has fulfilled all the requirements of the European Association for Accreditation on the functioning of the Accreditation Council.

Thus, under the new provisions of the Accreditation Council The Council is formed on a parity basis with the three stakeholders: central authorities, accredited conformity assessment bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, other research institutions and NGOs .

Each stakeholder has a voice that is determined by a majority of its members. Chairman of the Board and their alternates representing various stakeholders and form the management team of the Council. Each of the elected members of the governing Board of turn serves as the Chairman of the Board.

The basic principles of NAAU are:

  • ensure equality of rights and legitimate interests of all stakeholders;
  • accessibility and impartiality of the work on accreditation;
  • transparency of accreditation;
  • professional competence of contractors;
  • voluntary accreditation;
  • ensuring the participation of authorities and NGOs on an equal basis;
  • use harmonized with international and European standards concerning accreditation;
  • compliance with the public interest;
  • confidentiality of information obtained in the process of accreditation.


The main functions NAAU according to assigned tasks are:

  • Accreditation of conformity assessment bodies, followed by control of their compliance with the accreditation decision on accreditation of renovation, temporary suspension or invalidation;
  • The development and adoption of rules of procedure of accreditation programs of conformity assessment and monitoring their compliance with the requirements of accreditation;
  • Training, training accreditation and empower them to carry out accreditation activities in accordance with established requirements;
  • Register of accredited conformity assessment bodies and accreditation personnel registry;
  • Representation and participation of Ukraine in international, European and other regional organizations for accreditation;
  • Laying in accordance with legislation of international treaties on cooperation and mutual recognition of accreditation of conformity assessment bodies;
  • Participation in the work on harmonization of legal acts and regulations with the European and international rules and standards that define requirements for NAAU and accredited conformity assessment bodies;
  • Driving fund legal acts and regulations on accreditation;
  • Establishment of technical committees for accreditation and approval of the terms of reference;
  • Approval of the Regulations of the appeals and amendments thereto;
  • Provision of annual performance information NAAU;
  • Organization providing information on accreditation;
  • Conducting publishing and other activities in accordance with the objectives set out by the Regulations on NAAU;
  • Perform other functions that do not contradict the legislation and regulations of NAAU;
  • Organization and conducting of seminars;
  • Development agenda and rules of payment of accreditation.