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[GOST 51364-99 영문버전]

GOST R 51364-99 ISO 6758-80) : Air cooler


1 Scope

This standard applies to air coolers are designed to cool the gases and liquids and condensing the steam and vapor-liquid medium in technological processes in chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, oil and other industries at a pressure of no more than medium or 16.0 MPa under vacuum with a residual pressure not lower than 665 Pa and at a temperature not higher than 400 ° C.

This standard specifies the basic requirements for the construction, inspection and delivery of air coolers.

Climatic performance devices U1 and UHL1 – to GOST 15150 .

In general, the apparatus performances U1, UHL1 supplied for use at operating temperatures of parts under pressure not below minus 40 ° C.

On the strength of a metal support structure aids can be used for installation in areas with seismic activity up to 7 points [1] and wind velocity head IV geographic area [2] .

Devices designed to operate at an altitude of 1000 m above sea level.

In some cases, in accordance with the contract scope of devices can be expanded on demand devices can be made:

- With reinforced metal structure – to work in areas with seismic activity up to 9 points and with wind velocity head V geographic area;

- Climatic version UHL1 – for use with operating temperatures of parts under pressure, below minus 40 ° C;

- Special requirements associated with the delivery of export, including climatic design T1 to GOST 15150 .

2 Normative references

In this standard references to the following documents:

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