PB 09-540-03 English Version

22 Jan 2014 Comments

[PB 09-540-03 영문버전]

PB 09-540-03 : Rules of design, manufacturing and acceptance of welded steel vessels and apparatuses



1.1. These General Rules for the explosion explosion vopozharoopasnyh chemical, petrochemical and refining industries (hereinafter – Regulations) set out requirements aimed at ensuring industrial safety, accident prevention, occupational accidents at hazardous production facilities in chemical, petrochemical and oil and gas industry, as well as other hazardous industrial objects in which the treated material, forming steam, gas and highly explosive dust-air mixtures……


2.1 . Process design, separation flowsheet for the individual process units, its hardware design, the choice of the type of trip devices and their installation locations, controls, control and emergency protection at a reasonable technological expediency must provide a minimum level of technological explosion blocks entering into the process……

이하 생략….

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